Tea tree oil for your cuddly pets

Dec 15

Tea tree oil for your cuddly pets

Australian Tea Tree Oil is commonly used for skin and general health ailments or for household cleaning purposes. Most of us know the benefits of Tea tree oil for humans. But do you know that this oil can also be used for your pets? Pets also suffer from most of our human diseases. Hence, tea tree oil can be used for the treatment of arthritis, bad breath, fleas, gum disease, dermatitis, parasites, sprains etc. However, one should take care that this oil should be diluted when using in animals; else it might cause poor coordination or muscle tremors. It should also be kept away from eyes. If you would like to buy some oil for your beloved pet you might try this link.

tea tree oil

Benefits of Tea Tree Oil for Dogs –

In dogs, Tea tree oil can be used in treating Mange. You can wash your dog with some mild soap and water, after that clip or shave the coat and apply a diluted mix of tea tree oil in some neutral carrier oil like canola or almond oil and apply to the affected skin twice a day. In severe cases, you can mix a teaspoon of oil with 1/3rd cup of water and spray it on the areas.

Fleas in dogs can also be treated with shampoos that contain tea tree oil. You can keep fleas away by adding a few drops of oil to the bedding.

Cats –

Since, we’ve spoken about dogs; please do not assume that this oil can be used for cats too. It is not at all recommended for felines. Cats are given to severe toxic reactions to this oil. In case your cat ingests this oil by mistake, you should see a reaction within 2 to 8 hours. We suggest you take her to the vet immediately.

For any more queries you will find online support on http://bioteatree.com/.

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Robot vacuum reviews – Guide to vacuum shopping

Dec 06

Keeping one’s home clean and tidy is the basic necessity for all homeowners. There are several reasons why customers look for new products that can clean their rooms but also will require less effort. Keeping in sync with these popular demands, manufacturers have come up with vacuum cleaners which are automatic.

To know everything about these new products checks out the robot vacuum reviews. Here not only will you find out more about the product but also realize which model fits your requirement list.

robot vacuum reviews


For those who are serious about getting a vacuum cleaner, it is wise to invest in that particular model that meets your personal needs. The basic checklist is as follows:

  • Features

The basic requirements which make up a robot vacuum should be met by the product you are currently reviewing. There are certain features which each model is expected to provide like the minimum effort of the customer, excellent navigation, auto-schedule options and other such modern specifications.

  • Additional features

These are some bonus specifications that can add the particular model an extra edge over the others. Like the ability to self-charge itself, ability to clean finer than the rest and such features.

  • Price

Do not be wary of this particular point as the price always matters. Do not exceed your budget by a lot because ultimately this particular item is purchased from your hard earned money.

  • Warranty

It is obvious that the warranty which is indicated in the robot vacuum reviews help determine the approximate value of the product. There is a direct relation between the warranty and utility of a product.


Hence after taking into consideration the various features that are offered by a particular product can a customer make a wise decision? Thus it is always wise to be careful while choosing any product.

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