Ways to increase hair growth by best shampoo for hairloss and other methods

Dec 16

Ways to increase hair growth by best shampoo for hairloss and other methods

If you want to increase hair growth or you are afraid of hair loss or even find signs of hair loss, here are some things you can do to help:

Food –

You should eat a balanced diet, one that has plenty of fresh fruits as well as vegetables. You should have millets, milk and its products as well. There are plenty of minerals and antioxidants which are present in fruits as well as vegetables which keep the body healthy. Indian gooseberry is known to keep the hair healthy. Banana is good for hair growth as well. One should also keep the body well hydrated as water is used to flush out toxins and increase the moisture in the hair and skin. This helps hair from splitting.

best shampoos for hair loss

Hair care –

Natural oil is secreted by the scalp and skin. This conditions the hair and so the best shampoos for hair loss is the one that is mild and does not strip off the oil of the scalp. Dandruff should be prevented as that stunts the growth of hair and promotes hair fall.The hair should be brushed from the roots to the tips before a bath.A swimming cap should be used when in the pool to prevent damage to the hair as a result of chlorine in the water.The hair should not be tied with hair bands.The hair should be washed once in two or three days with the best shampoo for hair loss else it leads to split ends, dry hair and scanty hair.

Exercise –

Exercise is important for circulation of blood and to revitalize the entire body and keep it healthy overall.One should massage the scalp with some good hair oil as it increases blood circulation and fosters hair growth. It also reduces tension which is one of the main reasons of hair fall.

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